This is our most popular category. This is where you define your ‘marathon’, outline your ‘challenge’ and then go for it! Is it a one or two day event, 2 sections or 8? You decide, it’s your weekend! The touring category is very flexible, with a start time of 8:00 am each morning and with our bus system you can design your own ski course.

Please note that the shuttle service is NOT designed to skip section (leapfrog a section in a bus). In theory it is possible, but the CSM do not take any responsibility if you try to do so. This would be a long bus ride with bus transfers.

Perhaps there are a few sections you find the most picturesque, or a certain section is rated above your current ability and you would rather skip it. Using the scheduled start times and bus schedule you can outline your weekend adventure!

You can participate as an individual, or get together with your family, friends or others to make a team and try for one of our many team awards. Awards are given for the total number of sections completed for the weekend, not the distance skied.

Touring Categories – Individual

Mighty Mite

8 years and under

Snowy Owl

9 to 12 years old


13 to 16 years old


17 years and over

Touring Categories – Team

Men’s Veteran

4 men, 45 years and older

Women’s Veteran

4 women, 45 years and older

Senior Mixed

4 skiers, 60 years and over, minimum one of each gender

Junior Team

4 skiers, 16 years and younger

Corporate Team

Minimum 12 skiers, any age, any gender

Men’s Team

4 men, any age

Women’s Team

4 women, any age

Mixed Team

4 skiers, any age, minimum one of each gender

Family Team

4 or more family members, any age