Team Awards

The Canadian Ski Marathon is proud to acknowledge the achievement of our skiers who participate as a team.

As part of our overall  improvement of the CSM awards, given the relative cost-benefit of after-event handling, we will no longer provide additional medals for team categories. We will however continue to award medals to those team members who successfully fulfill the requirements outlined on our Individual Awards page.

In addition, your team achievements will continue to be highlighted on the CSM website Team Awards page, to proudly share with friends and family !

Here are the team categories.

Château Montebello Award
Mens Touring Team; 4 men, any age who complete the most sections

Ottawa Ski Club Award
Men’s Veteran Touring Team; 4 men, each 45 years of age or older, who complete the most sections

Lachute Award
Women’s Touring Team, 4 skiers, any age, who complete the most sections

Grey Mères Award
Women’s Veteran Touring Team, 4 skiers,  each 45 years of age or older, who complete the most sections

Siren Award
Mixed Touring Team; 4 skiers, any age, must include both genders who ski the most sections

Jim Quarles Memorial Award
Mixed Veteran’s Touring Team; 4 skiers, each 60 years of age or older and must include both genders, who ski the most sections

Celanese Award
Family Touring Team; 4 or more family members, any age, 4 best results (including at least one parent’s results) who ski the most sections

Viking Award
Junior Touring Team comprised of 4 junior skiers 16 years of age and under who complete the most sections

RA Ski Club Award
Corporate Touring Team comprised of a minimum of 12 skiers, submitted under a common team name, 12 best results are combined to determine team’s standing.


  • Teams: If you are a part of a team, indicate on your registration form your team name, captain, and names of the other team members
  • You may only enter one category. If you are a member of a team, you may not register as a Coureur des Bois. No team changes after December 31
  • Members of Touring teams also qualify for individual awards