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*NB - The results for 2010 are preliminary

The Canadian Triple Challenge

The ranks of the Canadian Triple Ski Challengers is growing!

Canadian Ski Marathon and the Gatineau Loppets are over and we have (at least) the following skiers who have accomplished the Canadian Triple Ski Challenge of completing all sections of the Canadian Ski Marathon, and both long course Gatineau classic and skate races, over the two consecutive weekends.

They are:

Scott Gilbert, Whitehorse, YK, Canada
Nicholas Vipond, Ottawa, ON, Canada
Trevor Plestid, Ottawa, ON, Canada
Tony Malikowski, Hoosick Falls, NY, USA
Eric Grimm, Mendon, NY, USA (also accomplished the Triple in 2009)
Carl Johnston, Ontario, NY, USA (also accomplished the Triple in 2009)
Jason Urckfitz, Mendon, NY, USA ((also accomplished the Triple in 2009)

If you thought that the Triple Ski Challengers are in cruise mode after the two long days of CSM skiing, for many of them camping out overnight as well, check out

Congratulations! Whatever your pace, you did the distance, and your names are now up on the "Wall of Triple Folly".

Special Awards

Oldest man to earn an award:
Gerald Peniston (82)
Oldest women to earn an award:
Marianne Weiss (73)
Youngest boy to earn an award:
Nicolas Syrros (6)
Youngest girl to earn an award:
Carly Milliken (7)
Youngest successful male Coureur des Bois:
William McGovern (12)
Youngest successful female Coureur des Bois:
Louise Betteridge (12)
Sabina Saunders (12)

Hugh Blachford Memorial Trophy

Oldest successful male Coureur des Bois :
Hervé Leblanc (72)
Oldest successful female Coureur des Bois :
Sharon Crawford (66)


Silver Tips award

65 years of age or older, skied 4 sections or more
Andres Henry 68
Beauchamp Nicole 65
Birnbaum Karin 71
Blachford John 71
Bradford Jim 71
Brzustowski Louise 69
Bujold Paul 68
Chaffee Jonathan 65
Chambers Robert 65
Christiansen Wilma 72
Cleland Murray 67
Close Nick 68
Copland Elaine 71
Cormier Rosaire 65
Crawford Sharon 65
Curis Martine 67
Davis Allan 65
Dennett John 71
Evans Jean 70
Fafard Jean-Claude 73
Flynn Anne 69
Gendron Sandra 65
Giroux Richard 67
Haggert Gordon 75
Hamilton Harry 66
Henein Kringen 69
Jacobsen Hans H. 65
Knowles Stephen 65
Koenig George 72
Lacourse Gilles 66
LeBlanc Arthur 65
LeBlanc Hervé 70
Leslie Elizabeth 70
Lorne Gutz 65
Lortie Pierre 69
Mamen Rolf 65
Matte Ronald 72
McGillivray Peggy 66
Mee Robert 67
Milne David 68
O'Connor Anna 67
O'Connor Elizabeth 67
Peniston Gerald 82
Peters James 68
Pikulik Ivan 66
Pollock Bill 74
Quarles Sue 69
Ross Christopher 68
Ross Elspeth 66
Runge Lorne 69
Sadler Peggy 69
Saunders Robert 66
Scott Ian 81
Short Roger 70
Sinclair Dave 65
Taylor Donald 67
Taylor Helga 68
Taylor Punch 69
Tedstone Gail 66
Trebitz Heinz 79
Trebitz Ingeborg (Inge) 73
Weiss Leo Carl 76
Weiss Marianne 73
Wiemer Wilma 66

Hoescht Award

5th Gold Coureur des Bois

Claude Breton wentworth QC
Kenneth Jobba cowansville QC
Andreas Hofmann St-Lambert QC
smith stephen Ancaster ON
Pierre Beaudry Pincourt QC
Marc A Fontaine Montreal West QC
Marvin Boluyt La Conception QC
jamey glasnovic Sherbrooke QC
Law-Smith Jamie Ann Arbor Michigan
Ferdinand Lauffer canmore Alberta
Daniel Banville Montreal West QC
Sylvain Desjardins Enosburg Falls Vermont
wallace kelly Rimouski QC
Pier-Marc Girard St-Hippolyte QC
alain beaudry North Bay ON
Gregor Mitchell St-Eustache QC

10th Gold Coureur des Bois

jeannot blanchet Gatineau QC
Richard Swerhun Ottawa ON

25th Gold Coureur des Bois

Jean-Louis Dorego Peterborough NH

Hat Trick Award 2010

The Hat Trick Awards is given to those who have completed the following in one calendar year:
the CSM as a Coureur des Bois, a running marathon and a double century cycling tour.
Congratulations to:
Jeff Scott
Eric J. Lillie
Lester Kovac
Robert Cepella
Tim Remmillard
Gina Scantland
Ken McNair
Alex Cullen
Parham Momtahan
Francois Duval
Artur Stec
Pierre Beauregard
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