Tax receiptable donations

Cross Country Canada

CSM Donations now tax-receiptable for $100 +

Thanks to Cross Country Canada (CCC), our national sport organization, we are pleased to announce that any gift to the CSM of $100 or more will now be eligible for a charitable donations tax receipt. Donations are subject to the conditions described on the attached CCC Donation Form.

All donations will further the goal of ensuring the long-term security of the CSM and will contribute to:

  • developing and maintaining the existing trail;
  • building an alternative trail north from Montebello;
  • consolidating the CSM network as the Jack Rabbit Heritage Trail;
  • providing financial security for the event as it begins its second half century.

Donors’ names are associated with the CSM as follows:

  • Donors of $5,000 + are recognized as Gold CSM Benefactors
  • Donors of $1,000+ are recognized as Laurentian Shield CSM Benefactors
  • Donors of $500+ are recognized as Jack Rabbit CSM Benefactors
  • Donors of $100+ are placed on the CSM Honour Roll

Donors of $100 or more who wish a tax receipt should complete the attached form and mail it to the CSM.

Donations under $100 will not receive a tax receipt, but are much appreciated and donors are recognized as “Friends of the CSM”.

Together we make this unique event a continued success for the next half century.

Tax Credit Form